September 12, 2012

Will you do the Puyallup?

Its time to “Do the Puyallup!”  For over a hundred years people have come to the fair to celebrate.  The Puyallup Fair is a long-standing tradition dating back to 1900.  The Valley Fair, as it was first known, formed to bring people together to share and advance agricultural, horticultural, dairying, stock raising, mining, and manufacturing industries in the Puyallup Valley.  Today the fair is a place for people, from all parts of the state, to gather and have a down right good time.  Now, instead of house races, you can get up close and personal with all types of animals at the Animal Exhibit.   We’ve moved from chariot racing to a Rodeo, with rodeo clowns included!  With every passing year, the rides get better and a bit more scary … but, maybe that’s age talking.  Below are some of the highlights of this years fair:

  • Toby Mac – Thur the 13th
  • Jeff Foxworthy – Fri the 14th
  • Enrique Iglesias – Sun the 16th
  • Dobbie Brothers – Wed the 19th
  • Pitbull – Fri the 21st
  • Tim McGraw – Sat the 22nd.

Other attractions include Rainforest Adventure and the Our Body Exhibit.

Be sure not to miss this Northwest tradition running now until Sept 23rd.

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